Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?

    We start with a FREE consultation.  From there, we help you find the right shop for your upgrade.


    Free Consultation
    Identify The Right Work Scope
    Find The Right Shop
    Compare Pricing
    Full Service Project Management
      Coordinate Delivery / Ferry Aircraft
      Regular Updates During Install
      AR Represents Owner With Site Visits And Pictures
      Coordinate Delivery Of Finished Product
  • Do I call other Avionics Shops first?

    You don’t need to!  This where we can save you confusion, time and money.  Some shops may not tell you they don’t offer the right products to install in your aircraft so they push you in a different direction.  Let us help you by identifying the work scope first.

  • Do you provide project management services?

    Avionics Resource doesn’t stop after you have identified the shop.  Aircraft owners can spend hours and days coordinating details with an install shop on arrival and delivery alone.  How about updates?  We can provide you with regular updates on how your install is going and even provide progress photos to let you see how your project is progressing.  We can also provide ferry services to get your plane back to your hangar.  Spend that time with friends and family, let us handle the rest.

  • Can Avionics Resource provide a full service upgrade for my aircraft?

    Start to finish.  Let us help identify the right upgrade and we’ll take it from there.  Let Avionics Resource guide you through the process and even pickup and deliver your aircraft.

    Please note: some installs require check flights which can be completed by you or a hired pilot.

  • How do you find the ``right shop`` for my upgrade?

    We contact multiple shops in your area who specialize in the avionics upgrade you are looking for.  We find out how many aircraft like yours they have worked on and gather references if needed.  We don’t want your plane to be any shops “first”.

  • How much are your services?

    Let Avionics Resource provide you a quote today.  Our pricing is a percentage of the install and depends on what services you would like us to provide.

  • How do you save me money?

    Our services can pay for themselves by letting a knowledge Representative call the shops to make sure you are not overpaying.   I know from experience that the owners who contact the right shops can help drive down prices for the install.  Competition is a good thing.

  • How do I get started?

    Call, text, email or click below to get started with a free consultation.