TRADE IN YOUR Garmin 530W/430W!

TRADE IN YOUR Garmin 530W/430W!

Garmin is returning the trade in program for your GNS530W and GNS430W. These units are still holding their value on the open market, so I would recommend selling on your own if you feel confident. If not, this is a great way to get cash for your 20 year old equipment. Consider upgrading now. After May 31st, WAAS upgrades are no longer offered and I see the value of these units dropping.

Trade-in Credit

GNS 430/430W series1 , GNS 4801 , CNX 801GNS 530/530W series1
GTN 650Xi/750Xi1$2,000$3,000
GTN 650Xi/750Xi1 + GTX 335/3451$3,000$4,000
GTN 650Xi/750Xi1 + GTX 335/3451 + GMA 345/350/350c1$4,000$5,000

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